Mayor's Welcome

On behalf of the entire Governing Body, I offer you my best wishes for a happy and healthy 2023.  The year 2022 was a busy one for the Borough.  We made significant progress in developing a plan for the redevelopment of the Monmouth Mall.  We also began discussions with business owners in the Downtown to formulate a plan to redevelop that area.  We understand that both projects have been the center of public attention for quite some time.  They will necessarily involve compromise and difficult decisions.  In the end, however, the Borough needs a successful revitalization of both areas not only for our community, but for our economic vitality as well.


The Borough continues to invest in its infrastructure with capital funding and the successful acquisition of grants.  Many of these projects are long overdue and quite expensive. That is why we are actively seeking federal and state funding sources to lighten the financial burden on our residents.  Such projects include the maintenance and repair of storm drains and detention basins, the repair of Borough buildings and machinery, and addressing drainage issues around town as well as the flooding along the Wampum corridor.  2022 saw the successful repair of the Lewis St railroad crossing.


Our parks have seen an explosion in usage.  We strive to ensure that our parks and recreation programs offer a variety  of amenities for all age groups and abilities.  Through the generosity of the Eatontown Lions Club and the Monmouth County Board of Commissioners, the Borough has obtained the funding necessary for an all-abilities playground, to be installed Spring 2023 at 80 Acres Park.  We also secured a $500,000 grant to continue improvements to the Captain James M. Gurbisz Memorial Park on the former Fort Monmouth property.


During 2022, a plan was finally approved for Howard Commons which includes the demolition of the dilapidated housing, creation of a new housing community, paving of Pinebrook Road and the creation of a 6.5-acre Borough park – all paid for by the developer.  The prospect of a large scale and vibrant redevelopment on the main post of Fort Monmouth is around the corner.


Eatontown is successful because of the work of our employees, professionals, and volunteers.  We have many volunteer boards, committees, and commissions.  I invite you to consider joining one and becoming more involved in shaping the direction of Eatontown.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can ever be of any service to you.

Anthony Talerico, Jr. Mayor

Mayor Talerico