Where are Board meetings held?

In the Council room on the second floor of Borough Hall at 47 Broad Street.

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1. When is a Zoning Approval or Permit required?
2. Where can I see the agendas for the upcoming Board meetings?
3. Where are Board meetings held?
4. When are the Board meetings typically held?
5. Is there a copy of the zoning ordinance available for review on line?
6. How can I find out the setbacks for my lot?
7. How can I find out the Zone my property is located in?
8. If I have several projects I wish to do, do I have to apply separately?
9. What is the fee for a zoning permit?
10. Can I start work before the permit is approved?
11. What if I cannot find a copy of my survey?
12. What do I need to bring in for zoning review to do work on my property?
13. Is zoning approval required prior to applying for a construction permit?