Traffic Safety

With a large concentration of major highways passing through the Borough of Eatontown, on average, over 1,000 reportable motor Traffic Jamvehicle crashes are handled by the Eatontown Police Department. Even though there are only 12,000 residents, it has been estimated over 100,000 vehicles pass through our town each day.

The Traffic Safety Bureau often receives complaints of traffic congestion and roadway hazards that occur on State and County highways. Temporary roadway hazards, accidents, and careless drivers will always receive the full attention of this department. Engineering concerns, normal traffic congestion, light signal sequences or poor roadway design should be addressed to the appropriate Transportation Department listed below.

Monmouth County Department of Transportation (DOT)
250 Center Street
Freehold, NJ
Phone: 732-431-7849

NJ State DOT
1035 Parkway Avenue
Trenton, NJ
Phone: 732-409-3263
NJ State DOT website

Pay your ticket online through the New Jersey Municipal Direct website.Municipal Cours of New Jersey

Did you know that, nationally, eight out of ten child car seats are installed incorrectly?

The Eatontown Police are committed to preventing children's injuries and deaths in vehicle crashes by educating folks on how to safely transport kids.

There is no single best car seat for every child or vehicle. It can be very confusing to decide what type of carseat to buy, or which featuresCar Seat are important. Our Carseat Buying Guide can help you learn about many features, and has links to other websites with specific recommendations. Specific recommendations are a great starting point, but these vary greatly because someone else's personal preferences may differ from yours, as will the fit with their particular children and vehicles. One of the most important things is to determine which type of carseat you need, and be prepared to do some comparative shopping. Don't be discouraged if you have to try more than one to get a model that works for you and your child!

The Eatontown Police Department has one car seat technician on staff to assist residents in the proper installation and use of child carseats. Contact our community email or phone; PTL. Ryan Hennelly at 732-389-7638 to make an appointment for assistance.