The Eatontown Police Department communications center is the nerve center for all radio, telephone, teletype andOfficer on Computer computer communications for the Police Department, as well as the Eatontown Fire Department and the Eatontown First Aid Squad. All requests for assistance go through the communications center before going out to the patrols and other emergency services. The center is staffed 24 hours a day by one of six full-time communications operators.

Communications operators are responsible for receiving and processing requests for assistance and information from residents, patrols and other departments. The operators are also responsible for inquiries involving motor vehicle records checks, drivers license records checks, missing and wanted persons and lost and stolen property records checks. A computer system, linked to the New Jersey State Police and various federal law enforcement agencies, allows operators to have access to an almost unlimited database of information.

All 911 telephone calls are routed through the Township of Ocean Police Department, where specially trained dispatchers handle medical emergencies within the borough before transferring the call to our communications center.

In addition to the 911 and computer links to other agencies, the communications center is equipped with a host of computer equipment to aid our officers and to keep accurate records of incidents. The most important and commonly used are the computer aided dispatching, records management, report writing and mobile computing systems.